A unique learning experience
The Swiss School in Singapore: Where play, sports and community bonding are just as important as academic excellence

Tucked in a lush, greenery-filled oasis away from the busy roads of Bukit Timah is the Swiss School in Singapore (SSiS), located right in the heart of the Swiss community, near the Swiss Club and the Swiss Embassy – perfect for your child who may be transitioning from a German-speaking school back home, or who may be looking to further his education in Switzerland or elsewhere later on.

Founded in 1967, it is a well-established international school in the Lion City that caters to students aged from two to 12 with a Swiss-based but internationally oriented curriculum in German and English. While most of the school’s students come mainly from Swiss and German families working in Singapore, the school also welcomes applicants without a Swiss connection.

Officially recognised as a “Swiss Government Approved School”, the SSiS encourages individual and independent learning, and provides an education according to high Swiss standards. Students can expect to make a smooth transition to the affiliated leading international school, the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA), where there is access to a German language programme and the International Baccalaureate diploma.

Learn, play and grow

Despite its 50-year history, the school still prides itself on being a family-oriented, intimate school where its students are made to feel safe and at home. It’s no secret that children learn and blossom best in a warm, caring environment. And that’s where your little ones will be growing up at the SSiS, with just 250 students of more than 15 nationalities. This means ample opportunities for the kids to learn from one another.

In fact, thanks to the school’s small population, many multicultural events and gatherings are organised frequently to nurture strong community bonds among the students, teachers and parents.There is also a strong emphasis here on the importance of play and sports, as the school believes that a holistic, well-rounded education can enhance the well-being of children. At the primary school level, each child is encouraged to strengthen his independent learning and hands-on learning skills.

The Swiss School is located at 38 Swiss Club Road. For more information, visit www.swiss-school.edu.sg or follow the school on Facebook (SwissSchoolInSingapore).